Fair Voting Resources



Books and Reports

  • Back to the Future? Proportional Representation in Alberta and Canada by Phil Elder and Alvin Finkel – you can read it here. p. 27.
  • Electoral Systems – A Comparative Introduction by David M. Farrell. 2nd. edition, 2011. p. 279.
  • Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook. The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Stockholm, 2005, reprinted 2008. pp. 239.
  • Not all built the same? A comparative study of electoral systems and population health by  Andrew C. Patterson. University of Lethbridge, August, 2017 Vol. 47 pp. 90-99.
  • Patterns of Democracy by Arend Lijphart. Yale University Press, 2012. p. 368.
  • Should We Change How We Vote: Evaluating Canada’s Electoral System. Edited by Andrew Potter,   Daniel Weinstock and Peter Loewen. Montreal:McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017. p. 230.
  • Voting Counts: Electoral Reform for Canada. Law Commission of Canada, 2004. Available in ‘Resources’ page of www.fairvote.ca  p. 209.